This blog post is going to be a simple reflection on the tools and methods we used throughout the semester to complete our final project. We developed a mobile web application that automatically finds events in your area and creates Facebook events for the events that you want to attend.

Basecamp + Campfire proved to be a useful tool. While I don’t think it’s worth the money that it costs to use it, it definitely made our lives easier. My favorite part of it was the message and file option. If I needed to tell the whole group something, I could quickly create a message and have that emailed to all of the members. The file option made keeping records of all of our icons and images simple and easy. It also allowed us to backup a zipped version of our site regularly in case of errors.

Our greatest success was overcoming the Facebook limitations. We had to learn how to handle the Facebook Oath information, as well as request special permission to create events for a user. This proved to be a challenge for a desktop site, but even more of a challenge within the jQuery mobile platform.

Our greatest failure was in not completing the debugging process. The project still has several bugs, most of which are related to jQuery mobile. Had we had more time I believe we could have worked these bugs out, but as of right now they are still there. For example, the page will error out if refreshed while the user is viewing a subcategory of events. It will also at times error out when creating a Facebook event. Everything is functional, but there are certain scenarios that do cause usability problems.

If I were going to start the process again I would probably want to avoid the jQuery mobile platform. Our problems seemed to stem from the limitations of jQuery mobile, and building our own platform would in the end probably be simpler and more efficient. I feel like we gave up some control by using jQuery mobile because we had never used it and didn’t have enough time to completely understand it.

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