Ta-Da List – iPhone Website Review

One of the things I use my iPhone for the most is the calendar feature.  While I obviously don’t need an iPhone to keep track of all of my events, it is a nice feature that is very convenient when integrated with my phone.  Whenever I have a deadline for anything, I simply go to my calendar and create an event.  I check my calendar daily to make sure that I haven’t overlooked anything, and I complete my tasks in the order that they are due.  But there is one thing that this is lacking.

While I can specify the end of a project, I can’t give myself sub-tasks that tell me the steps I need to take to complete that project.  For this I have been relying on my own intellect to make sure that I do every step necessary before marking the project as complete.

Ta-Da List’s focus is to extend what the basic Calendar can handle.  With Ta-Da list, I can build a list of tasks, and then inside of each task I can specify the steps necessary to complete that task.  Signing up is free, and there are no advertisements anywhere on the mobile version of the site.  First let’s focus on the usability of the website.

After creating an account, the first thing you need to do is create a list.  Ta-Da makes this simple, because there are no other options displayed on the screen.  For my first list I am going to title it “Blog”, and I will go through some of the steps necessary to creating a blog entry.  Once I have created my first list, I am then given the option add “Items” or steps necessary to completing that task.  My list contains research websites, write a rough draft, add photos, revise, and publish.  Once you have created your list, the only thing that is left to do is to cross off the items you have completed.  Ta-Da makes this simple, as tapping on a list item brings up a menu where you can either edit, delete, or mark the task as done.

Ta-Da makes it easy to have multiple lists, each with its own library of sub-tasks that are necessary to completing that list.  But if there is one thing that I see that would increase the functionality, and make me much more likely to become an active user of this website, it would be the inclusion of deadlines.  When I am setting up my tasks in Calendar, I am focusing on staying organized with my deadlines.  Ta-Da list makes displaying the steps to complete a task easy, but doesn’t actually tell you when that task is due by.  Adding a deadline to each list, and sorting my lists by their deadlines would help keep me more organized, as well as increase the overall functionality of the website.  This isn’t necessarily a fault of the developers, it is just a suggestion by me on how to improve on an already successful concept.

The overall style of the website is simple and clean.  There is no need to scroll up and down unless your list becomes long enough to do so.  The background color changes for each part of the site.  The header with the title for the section you are currently at has a blue background, lists and tasks have a white background, and the completed tasks have a dark grey background.  By separating the type of content with different background colors, it is easy to quickly glance at the most important information.  User’s will associate content with color, and be able to ignore the content that doesn’t apply to them.

Check out the below screenshots to get an idea about what this site is about.  Overall I consider it something that can be very useful, especially if you are somebody who has lots of tasks to handle, and isn’t too concerned with the display of their deadlines.

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