Bank of America – iPhone Website Review

Over the next several months I will be doing a bi-weekly review of different websites that are designed to work for the mobile platform.  More specifically I will be doing a review on websites that are designed for the iPhone.  That being said, lets get into this weeks website, Bank of America.

While Bank of America is not my primary bank, I do frequently use a credit card through them, so naturally I would like to be able to monitor my spending on the go.  When you first access their site on your iPhone, you are given a screen that requires no scrolling.  There are simply 3 options, “Mobile Banking Sign In”, “Locations”, and “What is Mobile Banking?”.  The main menu also gives a small advertisement for their iPhone app, which is essentially the same thing as the browser version of the website.

At the very bottom there is a link to “Regular Site Access”.  This is a very helpful feature for those who are unable to find what they are looking for in the 3 simple options listed in the main menu.  Because the majority of their users are probably there to simply check their bank account on the go, Bank of America has simplified the steps necessary to complete this task, while still offering those looking for a more extensive experience the ability to do so.

Because I would only use this site on my mobile device to check the status of my credit account, I first selected “Mobile Banking Sign In”.  Because I have accessed this site before on my iPhone, my account user name is saved.  This saves me time having to type  in my account name.  It also gives you the option to save multiple account names, making managing multiple accounts simple through this lightweight application.

After selecting my username, the site presents my with my personalized SiteKey that I selected when creating the account.  This is where I can enter my password and log in to my online banking.  As is consistent with the rest of the site, everything is presented within one frame, and therefore there is no need to scroll up or down to access any content.  Up until this point the site has utilized a unique form of breadcrumbs, eliminating the need to use the browser back or forward buttons.  I immediately found this useful when I decided I wanted to go back to explore my options in the main menu, as I could quickly reach there by simply clicking the button in the upper left portion of my screen.

Once logged in the breadcrumbs seem to reset.  You no longer have the option to go back to the main menu, but if you so desired you could simply sign out.  The site does, however, still give you the option to view locations.  Because my main focus is to analyze the simplicity of checking my credit card balance, I first select Accounts.  I am very impressed with the speed in which the web page loads, as my accounts appeared almost immediately.

I only have one credit card with Bank of America, so I select the credit card and everything I need to know about my current balance is displayed cleanly and neatly before me.  I have the option to view my current statement, as well as view previous statements. The image below shows all of the steps that I took to get to where I am now.

Now that I’ve used the site for everything I would reasonably need to on an average day, lets take a look at its overall pros and cons.


  • Clean, consistent design
  • Simple navigation
  • No scrolling or zooming necessary
  • Account information readily available
  • Fast page loading
  • Overall extremely useful


  • No payment options!

Overall the site accomplishes everything it needs to.  It makes checking your account balance really simple and easy, but it doesn’t provide much in account management.  In my opinion this would be a huge improvement, and hopefully will be added to the site in the near future, but overall there isn’t much to complain about.  It’s simple, seamless design is a great example of mobile web development working perfectly on the iPhone.  If you have used this site before, or know of other solutions for banking on the go, please leave me a comment and let me know what you think!

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