I have been hearing about HTML5 for a long time but just recently began to appreciate the power of it.  I have yet to approach it from a developer’s perspective, and I cannot wait to learn how to utilize it for my own design needs.  Be sure to keep checking my site, as I am planning on using it to test my own skills in this new web standard very soon.

HTML5 allows developers to design interactive/animated websites without the limitations of Flash.  While Flash has been the standard for interactive development, it has always been problematic for developers.  Why is this?  If you develop a Flash site, and a user enters your site without first installing the Flash plugin, they no longer have access to your hard work.  Flash has also presented a problem with search engines, as spiders cannot crawl through a Flash file to read the text.  HTML treats Flash like an image, and therefore has no real attributes that improve the way your website shows up in search engines.

HTML5 has the ability to add the animation and interactivity that is desired from Flash, without the side effects.  Because all of the information is written in HTML, your site remains completely searchable.  With future browser updates, all users will be able to visit sites written in HTML5 and have the same experience.  No longer will your users be turned away due to browser or operating system (OS) limitations.

In order to appreciate the power in HTML5, you have to check out  This site was built by Google specifically for their new browser Chrome.  The most intriguing thing about this site (besides the content itself) is the way it utilizes animation in a browser/search engine friendly manner.  I have listed some sites written in HTML5 below, and will report more as I find them.

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