Google Voice

I have always been amazed by Google’s ability to perfect the way people use the Internet.  I have been noticing lately that Google has been updating their popular Gmail interface and adding different levels of usability, as well as improving on the way users check their email.  While checking my mail today, I was presented with something new: Google Voice.

If you can’t already tell by the name, Google Voice is an interface that allows users to call people in their gmail contact list over the internet.  This is pretty cool, but seems to lack originality, as Skype has already swept the market on VOIP communications.  Despite the ability to simply click one of your contacts and dial their gmail account, there really doesn’t seem to be much improvement on the VOIP interface…right?

Wrong.  Google Voice offers users the ability to dial landlines and cell phones within the United States and Canada for free, straight from their computer.  That’s right – completely free.

Google has announced that they plan to keep calling free, as they are looking toward international calls to bring in profits.  Be sure to take advantage of this while it’s around, as free calling may only be a temporary luxury.

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