Official Site Launch!

After what seems like months of testing, designing, and changing, I have officially launched the site!  I am excited to see how it changes and grows, and look forward to adding my most recent projects to my portfolio page.

As some of you may know, I previously had a “lite” version of this website launched temporarily.  I needed a portfolio website, but did not have the time to fully develop one.  Since then I have found the time, and included in this relaunch are several new features.

I am most excited about the client section.  While I’ll admit it is still not fully developed and tested, it has the potential to make the web design process easier on both me and my clients.

When you log in, it will take you to a personalized home page, where I will post – in a blog-like form – updates to your website.  It will be a place where you can see initial design ideas, artwork, links to functional parts of your site, and comments that I will make about your personal project.  It will also give you the opportunity to provide me with comments or questions, and upload files that you want me to use or include in your project.  I will keep you updated on its development and let you know when it is ready!

This past month has been an interesting time in my life.  My hosting account experienced a slur of technical difficulties, causing all of the sites that I host to experience a significant amount of down time.  Because today is the official launch date, I decided to research the issue.  Who knew that a simple server configuration would fix all of these problems!  I am happy to report that all of my sites are now running better than ever, and I expect them to continue doing so 24/7 from now on.

Because this site was just launched, I ask that if you run across issues, such as poor display or broken links, please use the “Contact” form to let me know.

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