Exciting Week

This week is a big week at brettandersondesigns.com.  First things first, the official site launch of orlandolegalcopies.com was a huge success!  We have already been receiving work order forms from our clients, as well as positive feedback.  Expect to see this site added to the portfolio section by the end of the week, along with detailed information about the technologies involved.  Nothing is more satisfying than seeing several months’ worth of designing and programming finally being utilized!

Along with the Orlando Legal Copies project, I have partnered up with Sidiki Bagayoko in an effort to build a custom repository for storing different types of files.  This repository serves as an online storage location with multiple user level access.  Basically, it takes the login information of our clients and displays documents that we have given them access to.  They then have the option to search through the database using several types of search queries in order to locate specific documents.

This type of project is useful when a law firm needs people at a different firm to have access to certain case documents.  With the repository, we can give multiple users access to documents, and have complete control over what every one is and is not allowed to see.

I am talking about this in a blog titled “Exciting Week” because this week marks the end of the development phase and the beginning of testing.  I started working on this at nearly the same time as I started the Orlando Legal Copies project.  It is very satisfying to see projects moving forth and making progress, and I can’t wait to see the results of our usability and security testing.  We are hoping to have this project wrapped up and in use within several months.

I also spoke to a potential client today about the possibility of working on a slightly different type of project.  If everything works out I will be sure to share more information on this in a later blog entry!

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