Stock Photography

There are several stock photography websites out there, all of which serve one purpose: to make life easier!  It would be awesome if we all had the time and ability to author our own imagery, buttons, etc. on our webpages, but the fact of the matter is that it’s impossible.  A successful website requires a [...]


I have been hearing about HTML5 for a long time but just recently began to appreciate the power of it.  I have yet to approach it from a developer’s perspective, and I cannot wait to learn how to utilize it for my own design needs.  Be sure to keep checking my site, as I am [...]

Google Voice

I have always been amazed by Google’s ability to perfect the way people use the Internet.  I have been noticing lately that Google has been updating their popular Gmail interface and adding different levels of usability, as well as improving on the way users check their email.  While checking my mail today, I was presented [...]

10 Steps to the Perfect Portfolio Website

On February 19th, 2009, Smashing Magazine posted an article titled “10 Steps to the Perfect Portfolio Website.”  I know this may seem slightly dated, but this article has served me well over the past year when it comes to selling both myself and my clients.  Its breakdown of the 10 most important items in a [...]