SEO Tips – Meta Tags

This is an article written by M.E. DePalma.  I wanted to post it here, as I have often referenced it as a reminder to the syntax of well written meta tags. Meta Tags Are Not A Magic Solution… But You need them!

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is a feature that I offer to all of my clients, but what is it really? People have often asked me what all goes into search engine optimization, and can it really help increase their website’s rankings. The answer is yes, and I am going to share with you some of the steps that [...]


This blog post is going to be a simple reflection on the tools and methods we used throughout the semester to complete our final project. We developed a mobile web application that automatically finds events in your area and creates Facebook events for the events that you want to attend.

UCF iPhone Website Review

I have always hated the University of Central Florida’s desktop website. The website has a ton of information with no easy way to find what you are searching for. Their mobile site on the other hand brings a new and simple way to browse for information about the school.

Ta-Da List – iPhone Website Review

One of the things I use my iPhone for the most is the calendar feature.  While I obviously don’t need an iPhone to keep track of all of my events, it is a nice feature that is very convenient when integrated with my phone.  Whenever I have a deadline for anything, I simply go to [...]